Local cheese croquettes with bitter sweet bacon fat and onion

Potato cake with speck seasoned luganega sausage, cumin hood salad, smoked Ricotta and figs jam

Salted meat carpaccio with porcini mushrooms and Trentingrana cheese flakes

First courses

Pasta house (tagliatelle with finferli mushrooms, lean veal and Asiago cheese)

Polenta gnocchi with sausage sauce

Three kinds of dumplings (cheese,spinaches and speck)

Spätzle with cream, speck and nuts

Pasta with meat sauce

Pasta with tomato sauce

Soup of the day

Second courses

Dish of the mountaineer (polenta,mushrooms,grilled cheese,lucanica sausage)

Pieces of Deer with polenta

Sliced beef in balsamic vinegar and Trentingrana cheese flakes with grilled vegetables

Beef Gulash with Storo polenta

Wurstels with fried chips

Breaded veal cutlet Viennese way with fried chips


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